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Ride service or medical transport? Important overview of information!
  Ride services
Unqualified medical transports include the transport of patients needing care - both sitting and lying down - who do not require medical attention.

Ride service (sitting)
Do you have health problems and need to go to the doctor or hospital, but your condition does not permit you to drive or use public transportation? Transport of patients who can be transported sitting and do not require a physician's attention (medical transport) is done using special transport providers or offered by many taxi companies (along with portable wheelchairs).

Ride service with wheelchair
Do you use a wheelchair? Transport providers have special vehicles with ramps and a wheelchair lock for safe transport.
You can remain in your wheelchair during the transport and do not need to change places.

Stretcher taxi
You must be transported lying down, but do not require any medical care during the transport? The stretcher taxi has a comfortable and safe stretcher with wheels. Normally, a two man team is used for these transports, one of whom has the minimum qualification as paramedic.

Handicapped ride service
Participation in social and routine life should be facilitated for patients who are temporarily or permanently handicapped.
Drivers of the handicapped ride service are familiar with the special needs of the handicapped. Special vehicles provide practical and comfortable transportation for those in wheelchairs and with other handicaps - without tedious transfers and problems stowing the wheelchair.
Whether it is to go to work, the doctor, or visit a friend.

Medical transport
Medical transports include the transport of sick, injured, or people in need of help who are not emergency cases. There is always an experienced crew on these transports who can intervene immediately in case the patient's condition worsens. The medical transport vehicles are designed especially for transporting patients lying down and are also used for short distances to transfer patients to a different hospital.

Intensive care transport
Intensive transports on the ground are usually carried out to transfer patients between hospitals. They may also take place over short distances that are not feasible or practical for an intensive transport helicopter.
The crew usually consists of an experienced intensive medicine specialist, a paramedic with a relevant addition qualification, and a driver, who often functions as paramedic or intensive care nurse as well.